Have a shipment larger than a parcel, but smaller than 20,000 lbs?

Searching for a fast and reliable method of delivery?

Our Less-Than-Truckload services are second to none. We find that most businesses wish they had a resource to manage all of the day-to-day requirements involved with LTL freight service. Let us be that resource. We will arrange for your flow of material, provide paperwork, assist your vendors, and manage everything in between. We know you are busy building your business. Allow our team to build your LTL network.

Simplify your Less-Than-Truckload needs with:

  • Negotiated Transportation Rates
  • Published Rates & Transit Times
  • Pickup & Delivery Scheduling
  • Complete Shipment Execution
  • Liftgate and Specialized Services Available
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Least Cost Carrier Optimization
  • Large Offering of Premier Carriers
  • On-Time Service Average Above 96%
  • Claims Ratio Less Than 0.5%